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Reformulando la paternidad

Hetherington, Brett

Reformulando la paternidad

Year: 2013
Editorial: AKDigital
Literary Category: essays
Language: English
ISBN: 9788461666133
Format: Digital
Published at: Worlwide
Synopsis: In today’s battle for the hearts and minds of our kids, who is winning? Are parents? Or are our sons and daughters disappearing from our lives?

In The Remade Parent, Brett Hetherington helps mothers and fathers recognize how, why and where modern parenting is under the greatest pressure. He explains the deeper reasons for men too often failing in their role as fathers and looks truthfully at the current phenomenon of mothers increasingly “opting out” of being genuinely involved in their children’s lives.

Drawing from almost two decades of profound personal experiences, extensive research and original interviews with real parents, the author wakes us up to the simple fact that we can all do better for our kids.

The Re-Made Parent also raises serious questions about how our rapid-paced working lives mean that our children's needs are too often overlooked. It suggests what to watch out for and provides concrete ways we can change.

Finally, Brett Hetherington offers an optimistic picture of ‘The Remade Parent:’ the carer we all have within us – a new kind of thoughtful, understanding, and physically present parent. One that will provide the “continuous care, concern and affection” that every child needs now more than ever. 

“An original and much-needed book." Matthew Tree, author of SNUG

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