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Matthew Tree was born in London but has lived in Barcelona since 1984. For literary reasons of his own, in 1990 he stopped writing in English and switched to Catalan, in which language he has published ten books. He has published in English a collection of articles titled “Barcelona, Catalonia. A View from the Inside” and now he presents us with a novel written in English; “SNUG”, published through this agency’s... - Read more

AK Digital is a project that the Literary Agency founded with the principal goal to help the authors that it represents so that their previously edited books that currently have their rights free, can be offered exclusively in digital format, as an effort to conserve the validity of these works through the opportunities that these technologies can offer. At this time we are proud to present as first of the authors we represent, and within this... - Read more

Los cambios en el sector editorial nos piden a las agencias literarias modernizarnos, transformarnos, abrir nuevos horizontes e implicarnos más en la comunicación con autores, editoriales y lectores. La Agencia Literaria Antonia Kerrigan no quiere quedarse al margen de todas estas innovaciones y da los primeros pasos a través de la actualización y rediseño de la Página Web, formando parte de las redes... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 3 of 3 results
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