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Prizewinning Portuguese novelist Inês Pedrosa's splendid new novel is charged with drama, poetry, and humor. Rosa Cabral, its vibrant protagonist, is a striking young fado singer and composer. The daughter of a television show host and an unknown father whom she is attempting to find, Rosa is also passionately involved with Gabriel, a bookseller who uses books as a barrier against the storm of life.  Rosa’s restlessness finds... - Read more

El final de las nubes is a surprising and original novel, written by two authors with an unforgettable hero, Gabriel Rebis, the man with the thousand faces that gives sense to the book. Together with Rebis, we have a priest, a crazy mother, street children etc. It is an Apocalyptic story of salvation constructed around the mysterious Rebis who has built a modern Arc to perpetrate a sinister pact.... - Read more

'''La hora azul', by Alonso Cueto, is a magnificent novel that describes the sequels of ten years of civil war and terrorism with lucidity and fantasy'' Mario Vargas Llosa. Alonso Cueto’s Grandes miradas (Big Gazes), is set in Peru during the final months of President Fujimori’s dictatorship, and begins telling the true story of Guido Pazos, a judge assassinated in the year 2000 for his refusal to succumb to corruption. (Cueto has... - Read more

Madelaine, a 36 year old, young doctor, finds herself obligated to return to the home that her ancestors, the Martinez Durango family, have in San Gabriel upon the death of her aunt Rosario. The Durangos, the principal family of the town, are the owners of the largest part of the lands and of the most prosperous businesses, but also the great legend of misfortune and numerous rumors weighs on them… For Madelaine, who always felt an... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 5 of 13 results
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