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  And if death could be undone? How far would you go to recover a loved one? Would you even go as far as the hereafter, challenging death itself? What would you do, dear reader, to recover a loved one? Would you be willing to go to the hereafter to find her, defying death itself? But imagine that when you are about to embark upon your journey, you find out that the world is in mortal danger. A paranormal epidemic threatens to destroy it,... - Read more

The Map of Time Ateneo de Sevilla Award 2008 “The Map of Time is not only the best of the Ateneo de Sevilla Award in its 40 editions… it is not only a milestone that transcends the Victorian fantasy genre called Steampunk… It’s a heck of a novel of temporal paradoxes, scientific dreams, literary myths and love stories with no expiration date, which will remain imbued in the reader’s mind.” Ricard Ruiz, El... - Read more

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the smallest spectacle in the world! Hold your breath and witness the most amazing wonders: meet the incredible man that communicates with a ghost by writing messages on the door of bar’s rest-room, the extraordinary she cat in love with her neighbor, the encyclopedia salesman who ends up impersonating the son of one of his clients, the fabulous girl who receives letters from her lost doll, the remarkable... - Read more

Félix J. Palma has been recognized by the critics as one of today´s most brilliant and original short-story writers and has been awarded with the Gabriel Aresti and Miguel de Unamuno awards among others. He has published the short stories collections  El vigilante de la salamandra  ( The Lizard's Keeper, Pre-Textos, 1998), Métodos de supervivencia ( Methods of Survival, Fundación Municipal de Cultura de... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 5 of 15 results
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