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We like to believe that we can go back over the past, but the memory of the past resides in our subconscious, and our story is at times the fruit of our imagination. Therefore when Lucía receives a call from Spain while in her home in Vienna in September 1975, she decides that it’s the time to go back to Barcelona and face the ghosts that enslave her. She knows that her world is not exactly how she has conceived it and she is... - Read more

The young seamstress Sira Quiroga leaves Madrid months before the up-rising, dragged by her unbridled love for a man whom she hardly knows. Together they settle in Tangiers, a mundane city, exotic and vibrant where all the unthinkable can become real, even betrayal and desertion. Alone and hounded by debts, Sira moves to Tetuan, capital of the Spanish Protectorate in Morocco. With unspeakable schemes and the help of friends of ill repute, she... - Read more

An accident takes place right in front of Camila and fulfils the predictions of an augur she ones visited. The Quiroga´s decided to leave Acubal and to move to Santa Ana hoping to find a better future, but instead things aren´t easy for Orlando, Camila and Emiliano. They´ll have to starve and pass over many humiliations without noticing any change in their lives. Hopeless because of the situation, Orlando decides to take a way... - Read more

After years of living in Bilbao, Touré receives a call from his daughter Sira in which she announces her imminent arrival to Hendaya to spend a few days with him. With excitement for navigating the difficulties inherent to lack of papers, Touré sends his lover Sa Kené to pick up his daughter, but Sira doesn't appear at the agreed upon time. In this third addition to the adventures of the "detective-psychic" Touré,... - Read more

Last Friday, the 6 th  of September, television networks  Antena 3 and Boomerang TV presented the pilot episode of the series El tiempo entre costuras  ( The Seamstress ), during a party for the Vitoria-Gasteiz Television Festival (FesTVal). The adaptation for television of the novel written by María Dueñas and translated into more than 30 languages, is the much anticipated Autumn Prime Time launch for... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 5 of 5 results
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