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Planeta-Casamérica Award 2012 When they meet up in New York in 1925, Henry Murray is an ambitious Harvard doctor married to a rich heiress from Boston, and Christiana Morgan, a tempestuous art student, wife of a war veteran. Attracted by a power beyond their control, they both travel to Switzerland to be analyzed by Jung, who submerges Christiana into a profound state of trance. The young lady's visions, dutifully drawn in her notepads,... - Read more

Three funny and complicated stories that take place in Venezuela during 2012. This is the first novel that reveals what happens inside the cells of SEBIN (Venezuelan jail for political prisoners). The reader will be entertained with the stories of the sisters all while finding out the truth of what it means to be a political prisoner. Julia, the eldest of the Valverde sisters, is a young woman of twenty-two, straight, cautious and religious. At... - Read more

A child will be born on the 5th of August 1942 in Masatepe, a village like any other in Latin America, and all the events imaginable seem to conspire to come together unabated around that one event, as happens in a circus’s multiple rings. Hidden behind the celebration of a provincial masked ball, the arrival of this child to the world is almost a matter of chance in the middle a hubbub of events that confer it a special significance.... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 3 of 3 results
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