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Jean-Pierre Zanardi, a gallery owner on the Left Bank, is a free spirit. Paulina Homs, a woman living a peaceful family life in Barcelona, comes to Paris for her cousin’s wedding. As if fate had planned it, Jean-Pierre and Paulina fall for each other unexpectedly, in a love affair that will shake up their lives forever. Alguien como tú is the chronicle of the researching and piecing together of the love story between Paulina Homs... - Read more

At times what we call experience is only a generous list of our mistakes, and Mauricio Aldabò has already commited all the mistakes a rich boy can commit. The sudden disappearance of his lover completely changes his routine; if before he was a young and worthy representative of the Catalan middle class, a frequent visitor of the best clubs in Barcelona at the beginning of the 20th century, his obsession in discovering the mystery that... - Read more

Professor Souto gets surprising results from the artificial intelligence he is developing. A junior executive discovers the way leading to the true space of the sci-fi novels he used to read when he was a teenager. Somebody wants to find a fictional town to expiate his cowardice. A Beatles' song turns out to be a spell to gain access to another universe. Some people can travel through time to discover a treasure. The voyages of memory can hide... - Read more

After his father’s death, the Chilean journalist Sebastián Torres travels to California to enroll in a doctorate degree in Literature. At the university he meets the legendary academic of religious studies Oliver Ryan and the latter’s disciple: his compatriot, Max Infante. The professor suddenly dies and Infante discovers that his professor kept an extraordinary discovery in secret for years: he had received, under strange... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 5 of 29 results
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