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Behind a great statesman such as Sebastiò José de Carvalho e Melo there is not one great woman, but several. Some bound by blood, like his mother Maria Teresa Luiza de Mendoça e Melo; others, by affection, such as his two wives. The first, ten years older than the young Sebastiâo, was the widow Teresa de Mendoça e Almada. The relationship was not fully accepted, but Sebastiao didn’t hesitate, he kidnapped... - Read more

Financed by a mysterious American multi-millionaire and manned by an old Jewish archaeologist, a secret expedition delves deep into the Jordanian dessert. With the help of two sketchy maps, the exact location where the Ark of Covenant was buried by the Jews that saved it from the destruction of the Second Temple is pinpointed. One of these maps was amongst the Qumran scrolls, the other was found hidden in the inside a candle kept by a Jewish... - Read more

It is the year 1880, in the small Austrian city of Weisberg. At the death of his parents, the young Austrian Bruno Weiss decides to leave for a near-by city because he hates the society that has surrounded him until then. But he soon despises this new city and its inhabitants, so he decides to travel throughout Europe in order to find out if there is anything worth salvaging in human societies. He does not find it and, disappointed by what he... - Read more

Vienna, November 2006. Paul Rosenberg, a civil servant that works for the Austrian Union of Federal Theatre Houses, and a frustrated musicologist, receives a letter from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. A young girl who reminds him of his past will put him on the track of a daring hypothesis in the field of mozartian studies. According to this clue, the Austrian genius composed an opera that was never released and its manuscript was lost. The letter... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 4 of 4 results
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