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The Nobel prize winner’s son tries to bring us closer to his father’s figure, to demystify him all while painting a more intimate picture. Through a series of episodes and amazing anecdotes, Camilo José Cela Conde covers an entire life and in spite of the estrangement that there was between them both during the last years, he pays tribute to the writer and the man who was his father. ... - Read more

In Cela, piel adentro , the son of the Nobel Prize winner manages to create a portrait that is both literary and personal of Camilo José Cela, undoubtedly one of the crucial figures that Spanish literature produced in the twentieth century. In what is the best homage and account from he who was dreaming since his youth of the Nobel Prize of Literature, Cela Conde reviews the life of his father, the man who was to him, above all, a... - Read more

Welcome to Idhún, a place of beauty and mystery, of horrors and wonders, of magic and legend. Get ready, travelers, to meet its people, history, customs and its most remote corners. This encyclopedia not only collects all the information in the Idhún trilogy, but also adds further information on the people and the world of Idhún. The story of Idún from the prehistoric period till the origins of the Fifth Era, the... - Read more

Mario Menkell’s peaceful existence—a shy university professor author of one successful novel—suddenly changes when he has to take custody of the personal belongings of his tenant, Fernando Montalvo, who has just committed suicide. The suffering Menkell will find out that the apartment which he owns is full of colorful objects: a cigar-band collection, a bunch of old-fashion jukeboxes, porcelains, tin soldiers… After the... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 4 of 4 results
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