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Mexico, 1942: this country has just declared war on Germany, and its capital has recently been invaded by the most unusual and colorful fauna: German communists, Spanish republicans, Trotsky and his disciples, Mimí, ladies hatter, Balkan kings, the most varied secret service agents and wealthy Jewish financiers. Much later, after the accidental finding of some documents, a historian interested in such a passionate context, tries to shed... - Read more

  The most crime-ridden and fatally romantic of Biedma's stories, winner of the XXI Premio Unicaja de Novela Fernando Quiñones . It dawns in the three thousand dwellings, Seville, one of the most dangerous suburbs in Europe. From the evangelical church, cordoned off by riot police, a team of forensic operators exit, pushing a stretcher with the tortured and mutilated body of a young woman. Inspector Perpetua Carrizo, in charge of... - Read more

  From revered Colombian writer Laura Restrepo comes the smart, thrilling story of a young woman trying to outrun a nightmare. María Paz is a young Latina who, like many others, has reached the United States in search of utopia. But her American dream turns into a nightmare when she is accused of murdering her husband, a white policeman, and is sent to jail. However, María Paz’s life will take a most dramatic turn when... - Read more

  Premio de Novela Fernando Lara 2020   A love story  and the wish to improve the world. A grand adventure in the heart for Africa. Bineka, born in the depths of one of the last “green lungs” on the planet, is captured by Maxime and his men, who have taken over her village. But mother nature protects her and she is adopted by a clan of chimpanzees and lives with them for several months. In the meantime, Lola Freixido,... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 5 of 19 results
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