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A young vision about life and the decisions that can completely change our fate. Across these pages, the reader will follow the steps in the private life of this middle-aged woman who decides to remain single and accompany her until the apex of her career, which does not necessarily mean the apex of her life. Beatriz dedicated her entire life to fulfilling her only dream, which was to be a successful and famous writer. At forty-five, her long... - Read more

A compilation of the best short stories by the author of “Margarita, the Sea is Lovely”, international Prize Alfaguara for Novel 1998. Sergio Ramirez gives us an unabashed vision, instructive and (not to be scorned at) pleasant view of a Latin American community that gropingly searches (and later willing finds) a place in the story. A place which has not yet conquered its plenitude.... - Read more

Matías Reymond, young novelist and screenwriter for television series, travels for the first time to New York to take a course in literature and to meet up with Isabel, his father’s sister, married to a rich American lawyer. She has lived in the United States since the grandfather of Matías was posted to the embassy during President Allende’s government, and seems settled in her life. Everything dazzles the kid, from... - Read more

While working on the restoration of the Portico da Gloria of Santiago de Compostela, Julia Alvarez receives a devastating piece of news: her husband has been kidnapped in a mountainous region of northeast Turkey. From that moment on, Julia, unwillingly, will be involved in an ambitious race to control two ancient stones that, supposedly, permit contact with supernatural entities, and have aroused the interest from a mysterious oriental sect to... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 5 of 38 results
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