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Conference: THE ANATOMY OF DESOLATION Monday 20 August 8:30pm - 9:30pm RBS Corner Theatre Carlos Gamerro is a leading voice in Argentinian literature and his new novel The Islands recounts the surreal story of the Falklands War from one Argentinian perspective. Alongside him, László Krasznahorkai discusses his Hungarian masterpiece Satantango, which was described by Susan Sontag as 'a stirring manual of resistance to desolation'.... - Read more

Years end has arrived and with it the various best books lists. The literary critics from the supplement magazine El Cultural from the El Mundo newspaper have voted the best fiction works published over these last 12 months by Spanish and Latin-American authors. The eight professionals from said newspaper have selected their favorite books in order of preference and with which they could rate each of the publications and thus creating their... - Read more

La tristeza del samurái ( The Sadness of the Samurai ), by Víctor del Árbol (Alrevés), was published in the Polish publishing house Albatros the last 26 th of November. It’s the last country to launch this successful thriller with accents of historic novel, after having been published in the United States (Henry Holt & Co.), Brazil (Companhía das Letras), Italy (Mondadori), The Netherlands... - Read more

Las flores de Baudelaire (Baudelaire's Flowers), the first novel by Gonzalo Garrido, published in 2012 by Alrevés, was reprinted last month in its paperback edition by DeBolsillo, which is part of Penguin Random House group. This news just goes to prove how Garrido's career is growing. His first novel, a blend of mistery and history that deals with treason and its presence as a guiding force in our lives, became an unexpected success.... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 5 of 24 results
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