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El maestro del Prado ( The Master of El Prado ) , sixth and last novel by Javier Sierra, was the most sold among the national fiction books in Spain in 2013, as revealed by Nielsen Bookscan. Published in February 2013 by Planeta, it has sold more than 150.000 copies in Spain and the same amount in Latin America, reaching its seventh edition and remaining on the best seller lists for more than 25 weeks in the sales lists. The novel, a mixture of... - Read more

This story starts in 2001, when its protagonist, Javier Sierra, by then already a promising young journalist, turned 30 and decided to become a full time writer. He had his will, he had his previous works and he had a theme that had been obsessing him for a long time: death as our inescapable destiny. Where do we go when we leave life? What remains of us after we’re gone? Is there a tiny little chance of avoiding our destiny? To deal with... - Read more

We're happy to see two of our titles in the best seller lists of 2013 published by Nielsen Bookscan. Javier Sierra, with his latest novel El maestro del Prado ( The Master of El Prado ) ,  appears, in the sixth position, as the first Spanish author in the list, with almost 150.000 copies sold of this last book. María Dueñas is in the tenth position with Misión Olvido ( Mission Oblivion ), that sold almost 120.000... - Read more

Me, Who Dove into the Heart of the World, by Sabina Berman (Destino), appears in the 15 th position in the list of nominees to the prestigious International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award 2014, which is rewarded with 100.000 euros. The winner has to overcome three selection phases: in the first one, the responsibles of the public libraries in different countries choose the books; in the second, an international jury reduces the amount of titles;... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 5 of 9 results
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