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El Príncipe del Parnaso (The Prince of Parnaso) by Carlos Ruiz Zafón is published internationally

“One day the walls will fall and Barcelona will spread under the heavens like a drop of ink over holy water”

  Last April 23, 2012 for the “Day of the Book” Carlos Ruiz Zafón published with the publisher’s Editorial Planeta a short story un-edited titled, El Príncipe de Parnaso (The Prince of Parnaso). The story that forms part of a special edition pack with the author’s latest novel El Prisionero del Cielo (The Prisoner of Heaven). A few of the foreign Publishing Houses that publish this well known author didn’t want to let this opportunity escape them and have decided, in view of the Christmas season, to offer this un-edited work for the readers of El Prisionero del Cielo (The Prisoner of Heaven). Planeta Portugal lanced last September an exclusive edition with the sale of O Prisioneiro do Céu the short story titled; O Príncipe do Parnaso. Following along with the same idea Muza, publishers of Carlos Ruiz Zafón in Poland, have also published this special edition. For more information: Más información:

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