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Laura Freixas recovers 4 of her most revered works in digital format
Laura Freixas recovers 4 of her most revered works in digital format

Four of the novels by the author, professor and lecturer Laura Freixas, have been recovered in digital format and can been found for sale on Amazon. The novels include Entre Amigas (Between Friends), originally published 1998, Amor o lo que sea (Love, a Reader) (2005), Adolescencia en Barcelona hacia 1970, (Adolescence in Barcelona around 1970) published in 2007 and Cuentos a los 40, (Stories at Forty) (2001).

One of the titles; Amor o lo que sea, can also now and for the first time be found in English, with the title Love, a Reader. It was translated by Pamela J. DeWeese, translator, writer and professor. 

With the inauguration of these works by Laura Freixas, Amazon is offering the opportunity to download free of charge but only on the 16th and 17th of January, the title Amor o lo que sea in both Spanish and English language versions. Here are the links:

Love, a Reader

Amor o lo que sea

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