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El último caso de Rodolfo Walsh

El último caso de Rodolfo Walsh

Year: 2010
Editorial: Norma
Language: Español, Catalán
Synopsis: Rodolfo Walsh’s Last Case

“A novel that reads like a good and fast thriller” Revista Ñ, Clarín

In December of 1976, Rodolfo Walsh publicly recounts in his famous Letter to my friends, how his daughter Maria Victoria died in an uneven armed combat against army troops. From that brief and extraordinary text, Elsa Drucaroff concocts an action-filled plot, with a good dosage of espionage and suspense, recreating without taboos the guerrilla resistance at the beginning of one of the bloodiest military dictatorships in Latin America. Drucaroff’s new historical novel is a thriller that moves at a vertiginous pace, in which once again Walsh incarnates the sleuth as in the best of his detective stories. With complex characters on each side of the divide, caught between their love and their political passion, and an electrifying sequence of intrigues and conspiracies, Rodolfo Walsh’s Last Case studies recent Argentinean history through bold fiction, without however, falling into the usual traps.

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