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El infierno prometido

El infierno prometido

Year: 2010
Editorial: El Aleph
Language: Español, Catalán
Synopsis: Hell´s Promise

Poland, 1926. Dina is a sixteen-year old Jewish girl. She lives in the small village of Kazrilev. At school, the Polish kids ignore her. One day, Dina bumps into Andrei, a classmate, in the forest. Andrei comes up to her quietly and kisses her tenderly. She consents. In the end, he rapes her. Soon thereafter, the entire village knows what has occurred. Dina feels unclean and evil. Every one accuses her of her misfortune. Her parents are ashamed. Some time later the solution is found: A Buenos Aires Jew is willing to travel to the village to meet her. Grosfeld arranges all the paperwork in order to take her back to his country. The documents he carries with him state that Dina is twenty one years old. They marry according to the Jewish ritual. When they land in Buenos Aires, Dina is directly taken to a brothel on Loria Street. She immediately understands that the rumors that circulated in her village were true. Jewish girls go to Argentina to get lost. The brothel belongs to a prestigious Jewish organization by the name of “Warsaw”. Dina will meet one of the nation’s judges, an anarchist and a journalist. She will be desired by all three, but only one will be willing to help her -if he can- escape slavery.

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