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El mapa de la vida

Year: 2009
Editorial: Seix Barral
Language: Castellano
Synopsis: The Map of Life

“Adolfo García Ortega always provides the reader with a luminous effect.”

Antonio Muñoz Molina

“Comparable with Sebald and Magris.”

El Periódico

One must be very brave to keep on going when the map of life has been shattered. One must be very brave to love once again. Ada and Gabriel have survived the Madrid 3-11 terrorist attack. Their souls and bodies were left in a pretty dismal state after the train wrecks. However, life has handed them the gift of finding one another and overcoming the horror through an unexpected love story. In The Map of Life there are Angels that envision a universe of mythical wonders that intertwine in a portentous manner like 14th century Florence, the figure of Mahomet, Guantanamo prison, the Nazareth of young Miriam and the most absolute hotchpotch of the present-day city. Only Adolfo García Ortega could draw such an original narrative mosaic. An impacting novel, which constitutes a lovely hymn to life.

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