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Café Hugo

Year: 2007
Editorial: Bruguera
Language: Castellano
Synopsis: ‘A captivating, provocative novel’

Michael Kerrigan, Times Literary Supplement

‘If Borges World have griten a novel, it could have seemed to this one’

Fernando Marías

A catastrophe is going to happen in a extraordinary night. Or a liberation. A sensual and sleepy city in a Spain of the sixties. An eclipse that attracts the world´s attention in a mythical city, turning it into the ephemeral protagonist of the history. And a coffee shop governed by a titanic woman -who believes is Maria Callas- waiting for the arrival of his brother, a singer who has returned from America. Café Hugo welcomes that night the lives of its habitual clients, characters who dreams for a new and distant horizon, but that succumb to passion and desire.

Rights sold to: Témas e Debates (Portugal).

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