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Algo más inesperado que la muerte

Lindo, Elvira

Algo más inesperado que la muerte

Year: 2007
Editorial: Alfaguara
Language: Castellano
Synopsis: And if the entire world knew, except you?

Eulalia knows perfectly well what she wants. She is married to a well known writer that is 30 years her elder. Both belong to the kind of people which, if one were to pull, one would uncover one by one all the celebrities of the world.

Through the protagonist, and after a telephone call of unpredictable consequences, we will discover the galaxy, not always clear, that surrounds literary glory: the ambitions and frustrations of those that need to be admired against all events by those who thirst to share the fame. A world in which, like all others, the most important issue is survival; and sex is not the worse weapon to reach it.

The years in which this country (Spain) changed its appearance in a radical fashion, are the context in which all characters as well as those whose life they reach, are going to find some disquieting surprises. Written with incredible irony and lucidity, this novel opens new astonishing roads in the brilliant creative trajectory of Elvira Lindo.

“In this novel Elvira Lindo’s knowledge is palpable; her talent to tell tales is apparent and the excellent ear to weave melodrama and humor.”

María José Obio, El País (Bebelia)

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