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Yo y el imbÚcil

Lindo, Elvira

Yo y el imbÚcil

Year: 1999
Editorial: Alfaguara
Language: Castellano
Published at: Taiwan Mobile Co. (Taiwan), Knihy Dobrovsky (Czech), Nasza Ksiegarnia (Poland), WMF Martins Fontes (Brazil), Nha Nam (Vietnam), Can Yayinlari (Turkey), Wuhan SCS Culture Co. (China).
Synopsis: Isn’t it true that your younger brother gets away with murder, they buy him whatever he wants, he never gets punished half as much as you and, on top of it, you get the short end of the stick when you get in a fight? Well, these same problems Manolito Gafotas has with his brother Imbécil. And maybe he is not such a dumbbell; after all he is Manolito’s brother.

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