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¡Cómo molo!

Year: 1996
Editorial: Alfaguara
Language: Castellano
Published at: Marshall Cavendish (UK), Taiwan Mobile Co. (Taiwan), Lapis (Italy), Knihy Dobrovsky (Czech), Nasza Ksiegarnia (Poland), WMF Martins Fontes (Brazil), Nha Nam (Vietnam), Can Yayinlari (Turkey), Wuhan SCS Culture Co. (China), Gallimard (France), General Press Publishing (Hungary)
Synopsis: Manolito has decided not to give a breather to his lady admirers, and on this holiday he is ready for everything. All of Spain will shake… because this little chatterbox from Carabanchel has enough, and more, to make his family dizzy, as well as the psychologist and the entire neighbourhood! We are well aware that Manolito is not an ideal kid: he is the kid we all carry within us.

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