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La hora de los monos

La hora de los monos

Year: 2010
Editorial: Emecé
Language: Español, Catalán
Synopsis: What is the flipside of the everyday plot? What lies beneath that apparent calm that occurs day in and day out? When what is “normal” shows its loose threads, it might just very well do so with the tone of the stories we encounter in Monkeys’ Time. A strange wakefulness that colors, amongst other tales, the movements of the village’s adolescents who move about in-between death and their streets; or in an afternoon that ends up in a senseless tragedy in a supermarket parking lot; also on the eve of a plane trip that takes off from the Brazilian jungle; and the intimacy of a couple beleaguered by madness; or the relationship of an elderly woman with the zoo; and the strange rites of a dance altogether too avant-garde. Each of Federico Falco’s stories unveil the character behind the canvas, like a painting by Francis Bacon that duplicates infinity, that hides an order, that borders on the sinister. Moreover, a personal prose that builds unique climaxes -and not from dizzying action- his narrative strategy and, most importantly, imbues it with its extreme originality.

“The title, in my opinion excellent, relates to one of the stories, but I am not going to explain it, because it’s a real pleasure to reach it and discover what it hints at. Each story seems to have grown around a unique poetical image, in-between the everyday and the very strange.” Antonio Muñoz Molina

“Upon reading one story after the other, one has the sensation of being hypnotized by that which differentiates one writer from another: style.” Fernando Krapp, Radar Libros. Página 12

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