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Movimiento falso

Missana, Sergio

Movimiento falso

Year: 2002
Editorial: Alianza
Language: Español, Catalán
Synopsis: The plot of this book carries the anguish of a country and a region where terrible things have taken place -things that are still unexplained because nobody wants to know about. The shadow of the past lingers on in an atmosphere of sick disquiet. The scenery are the mine lands of Pisagua and Iquique, in the Northern Chilean coast, where two different people meet: a young man in his twenties, who faces an uncertain future, and a man in his seventies, who runs away of an obscure past. A voyage to the Northern coast of the country becomes an existential meditation, which dwells on ambiguous zones of Contemporary Chili. A beautiful metaphor of the ages of man, and a novel about the many ways of acting and knowing.

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