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Días de ira. Tres narraciones en tierra de nadie

Volpi, Jorge

Días de ira. Tres narraciones en tierra de nadie

Year: 2011
Editorial: Páginas de Espuma
Language: Castellano
Synopsis: With the presence and sensuality of a story, but also with the epic air of a novel, the three stories that make-up this volume take place in that imprecise no-man’s land, startling and even difficult to confine, that Jorge Volpi has baptized as “the mid distance”, a unique genre, with its own laws, traditions, officiates and enemies. In Spite of the Dark Silence, The Apocalypses’ Game and the story that gives name to this book, Days of Ire, are some of this author’s best works, proving, with his individual and fascinating form of short story writing, that one can both master the patience of the novelist and the nimbleness of the short story writer, to end up signing “symphonic poems in one movement”, in which resistance and speed go hand in hand.

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