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Pasajero K

Year: 2012
Editorial: Seix Barral
Language: Castellano
Synopsis: After the death of his ex-wife, a movie director with an enigmatic K for a surname travels erratically throughout Europe to film one last strange film, following the trail of a lost idea ofEurope’s identity. On a train he meets Sidonie, a journalist who is on her way toThe Hagueto attend the trial of one ofYugoslavia’s ex-leaders. An unexpected discovery that can change the course of said trial will force the main characters to embark upon a frenetic trip, beset by constant threats.

They will travel together toBerlin,Zurich,Rome,ParisandThe Hagueon the trail of the confession of a key witness and, unexpectedly, they will come up against two realities: a terrible revelation and an illumination they were not counting on, the truth of their personal history through a parallel trajectory across the outline of their very own lives.

Passenger K is an action-packed novel, with a flavor of the novels by John le Carré, echoes of Michel Butor and Hitchcock’s purest elegance, dealing with mixed identities in today’sEurope. A dazzling and lucid narrative that plumbs the depths of human nature, in the construction of truth with the use of sketchy images and in the value of yielding to the interests that are pronounced when it is necessary to look the other way.

“Adolfo García Ortega always furnishes the reader with a dazzling effect” Antonio Muñoz Molina

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