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El camino de baldosas amarillas

Garduņo, Juan de Dios

El camino de baldosas amarillas

Year: 2012
Editorial: Tyrannosaurus Books
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
Language: Castellano
ISBN: 9788494074707
Format: Paperback with flaps
Pages: 196
Synopsis: Things are not easy after the Civil War. On a cold December night, the young Torcuato is forced to leave behind all that which he loves when, due to an unfortunate incident, he is admitted into an asylum in Valladolid. The only link to his past is a borrowed book that he keeps, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”.

In the sinister corridors of the insane asylum, Torcuato will have to face his own fears while trying to live alongside the extravagant inmates with whom he now share his life. But what no one knows is that in the deepest depth, evil has taken shape and awaits a new victim.

“The Path of Yellow Tiles,” is a gripping novel that takes place after the Spanish Civil War and speaks of human cruelty and selfishness, but also of friendship, love, sacrifice and survival instinct. A complete portrait of human nature couched in a blood curdling story of real horror with Victorian echoes.

“When friendship and love arise in a context of suffering and terror, darkness creates monsters. Real monsters. Juan de Dios Garduño sculpts, with masterful chisels, one of Spain’s cornerstones of terror.” Carlos Sisí (The Wanderers, The Time of the Sea.)

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