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No soy un libro

Year: 1993
Editorial: Siruela
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
Language: Castellano
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 272
Published at: Modrijan Zalozba (Slovenia)
Synopsis: Three friends start off on their summer holidays in what they hope will be a long and fun trip across Europe by train; however, it won't turn out as they expected... Very soon, on the train that goes from Madrid to Paris, a strange event bursts onto their lives. 

From that moment onward, like in the best science fiction novels, José María Merino wraps us up in a totally unexpected and startling situation: there is a book which is not a book, but which needs help and casts its characters onto some other world, very similar and at the same time very different from that of our every-day life, in which they feel lost and threatened, although they will overcome these difficulties by bringing out the best in themselves and proving that there is always the possibility of being the main characters of our own lives. 

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