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El hijo del Mississippi

Garduņo, Juan de Dios

El hijo del Mississippi

Year: 2016
Editorial: Stella Maris
Literary Category: historical fiction
Language: Castellano
ISBN: 978-8416541560
Format: Softcover
Pages: 250
Synopsis: Little Jacob Walters dreams about being a steamboat pilot and sailing the Mississippi someday. He is just a lively kid from Hannibal who is secretly in love with Emma Growney.

With his best friend, Noah, and a new kid in town that goes by the name of Mark Twain, they form The Nameless: a gang of outcast united by their love for the Big River.

But Jacob’s dreams are shattered when Judge Hickok moves to town. From then on, he will have to leave behind everything he loves and embark on a long journey through hell, driven by pain and vengeance

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