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Pepito y la calle más aburrida del mundo

Valenzuela, José Ignacio

Pepito y la calle más aburrida del mundo

Year: 2016
Editorial: Santillana
Literary Category: tales
Language: Español, Catalán
ISBN: 9786070129988
Pages: 56
Synopsis: The intrigue that characterizes the work of José Ignacio Valenzuela, acquires humoristic traits that will conquer, along with the surprising end, this new children’s’ public, eager for mysteries to be resolved.

Ever since Pepito learnt to walk and discovered that the world was enormous and full of adventures, he has had a yearning which he hopes to carry out as soon as possible: to be a famous detective. Along with Lulú, his poodle dog, and an enormous magnifying glass, Pepito sits in front of his house waiting for some crime to knock at his door. But Pepito has a serious problem: the street in which he lives is the most boring in the world. Never has there been the slightest theft. Till now, of course. Because there is always a first time. 

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