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Índigo Mar

Year: 2017
Editorial: Pez de plata
Language: Castellano
Pages: 213
Synopsis: Pablo is writer who retires to a deserted housing development on an island, in winter, to finish a novel that resist itself. The days go by in blank, lost amid the ghosts and the tensions of creation, till his isolation will be broken by terrible dreams and unexpected characters, none which will be whom they claim to be. Jungian manifestations of panthers that talk to him in dreams; a mysterious hunter for lost objects on beaches; hash smugglers; a young sensual women accosted by her ex; cleaning ladies with a terrifying past; empty homes whose windows light up at odd hours; couples exchanges under the rain; abandoned oil rigs, full of old stories, not all pleasant… And the same island, a telluric entity perforated by subterranean galleries, whose manifestations infect

Pablo’s dreams, forcing him to intern himself in a labyrinth where reality and fiction are mistaken. An island in where, hour upon hour, a terrifying storm approaches, and one in which finally all the masks come off leading the characters to a nightmarish denouement.

“Indigo Sea” is a meta-literary thriller that reflects upon the conflicts of reality and desire, the devils and fears that haunt creators, savage love, the fragility of friendship, unchecked sensuality, violence, taboos…  Undoubtedly, Ignacio del Valle’s most personal novel todate.   

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