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Year: 2019
Editorial: Galaxia Gutenberg
Language: Castellano
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 336
Synopsis: On the night of March 24, 1973, three young Spaniards, Humberto, Fernando and Jorge, crossed the French border to go to Biarritz to see the The Last Tango in Paris, a film banned at that time in Franco's Spain. It is known that on that night they entered a nightclub and that a cruel fate awaited them there. Mistaken for policemen by a group of ETA members, they were kidnapped, tortured and killed. They were never heard from again. Their bodies never found. But there was always a weak point. This novel is inspired by real events and it narrates, with scrupulous verisimilitude, the story of that fateful encounter. Written with an overwhelming narrative pulse, Adolfo García Ortega recounts in it the truncated lives of those youngsters and their executioners, while portraying the social and political atmosphere that existed in 1973 in the south of France, where terrorists, considered gudaris (soldiers) of a revolutionary chimera, were preparing to intervene bloodily in Spain's dictatorship.

An accurate and moving novel, in the tradition of Truman Capote and Graham Greene, A Tomb in the Air is a masterful literary work that leaves the reader shaken. Its author, in these pages, as he has done in other novels of his, does not avoid justice or tenderness and opens the door to a possible truth about events that were never clarified.

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