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Year: 2020
Editorial: HarperCollins Ibérica
Literary Category: historical fiction
ISBN: 9788491394808
Format: Softcover
Pages: 480
Synopsis: Álvaro, an expert historian in the life of Christopher Columbus, has been retired for years since he married a marquise, turned into a Sevillian young man. But his world collapses when his wife suddenly asks for a divorce. Ruined and cornered in an old ramshackle house, he refuses to give up and decides to fight for the woman he loves, who now lives with a Mexican millionaire. To get it back, he undertakes a risky strategy on TV sets, participating in programs from the heart.

When everything collapses around him, he finds a portrait of Columbus (whose true face is still unknown to this day), who appears by accident under a false painting in a box in the attic. This great discovery will allow him to resume his career as a researcher from the top and, also, with world notoriety, a new opportunity to win back his wife, the Marquise.

Everything gets complicated when the statue of the Discoverer is blown up in Columbus Circle, in New York, during the official presentation of the portrait. Álvaro will be hopelessly dragged into a spiral of events, forced to start a desperate race to regain his honor and be able to save his life ...

«A very real enigma flies over this novel: why did Columbus do the impossible not to be portrayed in life? Ruiz Montañez finds a meaning to this question and proposes a plot to solve it as ingenious as it is surprising ». Javier Sierra

«Mystery, history, adventure and discovery come together in an unforgettable reading. Don't miss it ». Juan Gómez Jurado

«... A fast-paced action that does not give respite ... the reader will discover its mysteries ... and the reasons why the historical figure of Columbus is attacked. A disturbing story». Elvira Roca Barea

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