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Las rémoras

Year: 2002
Editorial: Seix Barral
Language: Español, Catalán
Synopsis: Ricardo has written a novel set in Las Rémoras, a small town in Baja California. He still does not know that he is about to meet Elías, the clerk, and other queer people -like the priest, Augusto Roldán, and Inés, the owner of a brothel. In fact, no one of them foresees the crime that will change their destinies. The encounter of all these characters takes place in a space beyond reality and fiction, life and fantasy.

With an ingenious structure and a surprising plot, Las Rémoras traps the reader in a maze of mirrors, a world ruled by uncertainty. It also confirms Urroz as one of the most talented novelists of the 'Crack Generation', a new wave of writers that is already changing the panorama of contemporary Latin American fiction.

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