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The II Novel Lawyers Award Francisco Camargo is a controversial Spanish businessman. He is the owner of a shipping company, a fleet of planes, a hotel and supermarket chain, several banks in Spain, as well as having important economic interests on Easter Island, where he is busy building the island’s most luxurious hotel and financing a unique project, with the purpose of uncovering a series of Moais Statues of great value. In Tejo, a few... - Read more

  THE NEW NOVEL BY JOSÉ MARÍA MERINO, National Prize of Spanish Literature 2021 A writer and a librarian captivated by a painter from the Golden Age who triumphed in her time and was later forgotten “ I could have never imagined that someone would help me from such a distant past...” Forgotten for centuries, eclipsed by male artists to whom her paintings were attributed to, when in fact they were a product of her... - Read more

In his novel In Spite of It All (Dolmen, 2010), Juan de Dios Garduño portrays a world turned into a wasteland after the Third World War. In Bangor, Maine, there are only three people left; and these three people (Peter, his daughter and his much hated neighbour Patrick) will have to face a threat coming from things that are not precisely people (things in whose existence chemical weapons have had much to do). The French public will get... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 4 of 4 results
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