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Welcome to Idhún, a place of beauty and mystery, of horrors and wonders, of magic and legend. Get ready, travelers, to meet its people, history, customs and its most remote corners. This encyclopedia not only collects all the information in the Idhún trilogy, but also adds further information on the people and the world of Idhún. The story of Idún from the prehistoric period till the origins of the Fifth Era, the... - Read more

Who was Micaela Villegas? The actress who shined at the Colosseum of Comedies? The lover who was involved with Viceroy Amat in one of the most controversial love stories of eighteenth-century Peru? The mestizo beauty that shook the foundations of the Lima society of its time, unleashing hatred, flattery and envy? The pious woman who knelt before a priest to confess her sins? The unruly, accused of being immoral? The mother who raised her son... - Read more

Searching for love in a city of certain classes and customs can be a cruel practice. In his habitual erotic exercise, Gustavo hoped to find everything but happiness in a lover. Lali, his wife, can tolerate certain adventures as long as they don’t break the marital routine of a high-society couple. While each of them places the necessary bets to get what they long for, it is inevitable that they will violate the fine line that divides... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 5 of 17 results
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