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  The latest and great novel of the author of Life when it was Ours , winner of five literary awards. A mysterious murder shocks Madrid in the mid-sixties: a woman appears dead in a luxurious home in the Salamanca district. The origins of the crime date back to a previous meeting, when in 1959, on a beach near Bilbao, the young Henar Aranguren, dressed by Balenciaga and preparing her debutante ball, falls madly in love with Martín,... - Read more

The Parnassus, literary congress which annually awards a prize for a master´s best unpublished work, changes venue and looks for a city that will host it in 2007. This festival has a peculiarity: the participants, authentic classics, are all dead. Dante Alighieri, symbolizing the consecrated and supervised by a young North American poet very much in vogue and a Mexican author (main narrator of the novel), will travel to Mexico, the... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 2 of 2 results
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