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A neighborhood in Brooklyn, and another in Mexico City, come face to face in the novel that gives this book its name. On Dean Street, between Fourth and Fifth Avenues, a lazy writer is about to create the perfect novel without the bother of writing it. His neighbor has just invented a strange piece of hardware that will "write" it for him. A small sensor – applied to the underside of the writer's tongue – receives all the signals... - Read more

  THE NEW NOVEL BY JOSÉ MARÍA MERINO, National Prize of Spanish Literature 2021 A writer and a librarian captivated by a painter from the Golden Age who triumphed in her time and was later forgotten “ I could have never imagined that someone would help me from such a distant past...” Forgotten for centuries, eclipsed by male artists to whom her paintings were attributed to, when in fact they were a product of her... - Read more

I was born to be a buchona (a gangster’s mate). The problem is that it was without my realizing it and I was not too sure which kind I’d turn out to be. In life we think all is black and white, when in truth we spend a great deal of time in a grey area, till something reveals which to us the color that we decide on. And sometimes, it is neither black nor white, but rather of a deep crimson color, a red death-like color. We are... - Read more

This is Madrid’s great novel. Its history, its epic, its daily life. Belonging to all, Madrid was never anyone’s. Therein lies its greatness and its simplicity, its pride and humbleness, its revolutionary character and its dignity. Through three fascinating family sagas, Antonio Gómez Rufo traces the gripping literary tale of Madrid, from a morning in 1565, in which the youngsters Juan Posada, Alonso Vázquez and... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 5 of 17 results
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