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In his novel In Spite of It All (Dolmen, 2010), Juan de Dios Garduño portrays a world turned into a wasteland after the Third World War. In Bangor, Maine, there are only three people left; and these three people (Peter, his daughter and his much hated neighbour Patrick) will have to face a threat coming from things that are not precisely people (things in whose existence chemical weapons have had much to do). The French public will get... - Read more

1. “Dr. Roberto Canessa and author (and fellow Uruguayan) Pablo Vierci's THE DOCTOR FROM THE MOUNTAIN , whose teachings in neonatal heart medicine stem from his "impossible" survival, as a pre-med student and rugby player, in the devastating 1972 Andes plane crash, to Atria , on exclusive submission, by Thomas Colchie at The Colchie Agency (world English and North American Spanish).” Publishers Lunch, September... - Read more

Realized for Alianza Editoral, April 2013. The Sorbonne Club  is a essentially humoristic novel. In times of crisis are you looking for an escape through humor? We have to be careful with humor that, in some way, it’s always included in whatever we do, whether we are in times of crisis or calm, it’s the medicine that synthesizes our bodies with the will to keep fighting, to live and to add life to life. However there is no... - Read more

Monday the 3 rd of December the film The Walls Talk , based on the novel homonym by the Mexican author Carmen Boullosa, will primer in theaters in Mexico City. The full-length film, directed by Antonio Zavala Kluger, will soon be accompanied by a new edition of the novel from the publishing house Ediciones Siruela (1 st edition, 2010) Sinopsis : This fascinating novel combines historical events that have marked the destiny of this nation with... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 5 of 5 results
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