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Laura Gallego has done nothing but grow in these last few years. A couple of them ago, she won the National Prize for Young Adult Narrative for her book  Donde los árboles cantan ( Where Trees Sing ), and it seems she won't stop after achieving this high honour: she plans not one but two releases for the following nine months. The first one, that will arrive on the 14th of October, is the Enciclopedia de Idhún ( Encyclopedia... - Read more

Four of the novels by the author, professor and lecturer Laura Freixas , have been recovered in digital format and can been found for sale on Amazon. The novels include Entre Amigas ( Between Friends ), originally published 1998, Amor o lo que sea (Love, a Reader) (2005), Adolescencia en Barcelona hacia 1970 , ( Adolescence in Barcelona around 1970 ) published in 2007 and Cuentos a los 40 , ( Stories at Forty ) (2001). One of the titles; Amor o... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 2 of 2 results
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