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“The Map of the Sky” a fascinating read
“The Map of the Sky” a fascinating read

“Spanish author Felix J. Palma, with an amazing translation by Nick Caistor, has delivered a cross-genre masterpiece… The writing immerses the reader in another world that resembles our recent past, but not quite. Palma seeks the motivations behind the authors and their creations, and comes up with a tale that defies description. Readers of Palma's "The Map of Time" will find a worthy sequel,and newcomers will have no problem following the events in his latest book.”

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The reviews from various US press and electronic press media confirm the quality of the delivery of the second novel from the trilogy by Félix J. Palma; “El mapa del cielo” (The Map of the Sky, Atria, 2012). The novel was released to the North American market on the 4th of September and has raised the attention of the media who confirm that it has been well received. The publishing house Atria has launched a grand publicity campaign for the book including a spectacular billboard in Times Square. We wish all the best and further success inSpain, USA and in the many other countries that the novel is about to be published during the next few months.

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