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Javier Rovira finalist in the Primer Novel Festival of Chambéry

“El Festival du premier roman de Chambéry is the only literary manifestation in France to work towards the discovery and promotion of novel French language and novel European authors through writing. In effect, 3000 demanding and passionate readers make the selection, after one year of debates and lectures, the novel writers that have won the most attention are invited to the Festival. Every year 15 novel French language writers and 8 novel, Italian, Spanish, German, Romanian, English and Portuguese writers, participate in the acts of the Festival, along with well known authors. This original focus creates a unique and plural literary event at the service of the creation of contemporary literature. In March 2013 the novel winners of the 26th edition will be selected. On this occasion 12 novel Spanish authors have been selected as finalists which include the author, Javier Rovira and his work; “Private Session”. More information:

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