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“A Barcelona Heiress” by Sergio Vila-San Juan
“A Barcelona Heiress” by Sergio Vila-San Juan

Open Road Integrated Media, an established digital publisher and multimedia content company, and Barcelona eBooks, a new English-language digital publishing house present the novel by Sergio Vila-San Juan "A Barcelona Heiress". This book published in 2010 by Destino Publisher House, is now translated into English and can be found as an ebook all around the world.   “A powerful chronicle of Barcelonaduring the 20s, which allows us to discover its mysteries and unravel its clues. With a journalist’s keen eye and the narrative vision of the writer, Sergio Vila-Sanjuán has managed to create an irresistible reading which explores the entire gamut of a society, a time and a fascinating city.” Carlos Ruiz Zafón   Promotional video: Synopsis In the 1920’s Barcelona a young lawyer and monarchic journalist comes in contact with a diverse bunch of characters: a beaten cabaret girl who does not confess to all she knows; an anarchist leader who hesitates between compromising or violence; a newly-arrived general intent on imposing order without a second thought, and a handsome and moneyed countess determined to maintain her independence… Guided byPablo Vilar wetravel from the caverns of Montjuic’s, to high-society’s lavish parties at the Ritz or the Laberinto of Horta; and from the anarchist communities to the court rooms where justice is administered or delayed. While the city grazes its zenith, Pablo also fears that his youth will disappear with the coming storm. Based on real facts and people, and on documents from the author’s family files, A Barcelona Heiress proposes a new and different look at a complex and dazzling period.

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