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Dora Maar, after Picasso, there’s only God.
Dora Maar, after Picasso, there’s only God.

Victoria Combalía has a doctorate in Art History and is a professor at Barcelona University, she has written several books about Picasso and Miró. Over the past twenty years, Combalía has dedicated herself to unraveling the mysteries that surround the life of Picasso’s most desperate muse, Dora Maar.

«Dora Maar» published by CIRCE Ediciones, is the result of a series of conversations  with the painter and photographer that took place during the summer of 1993 and the investigation after consulting over 2,000 documents  posterior to the death of the artist, which helped to complete the fractured image of Picasso’s lover.

An essential book for understanding this photographer and member of the surrealist movement, who documented with her camera the entire process of the painting of the most famous mural in the world: El Guernica.

· (El País, Cultura (09/09/2013))

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