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DeBols!llo reissues 'Breathing Through the Wound', by Víctor del Árbol
DeBols!llo reissues "Breathing Through the Wound", by Víctor del Árbol

Everybody agrees that Víctor del Árbol is one of the best authors among those that use crime fiction to write literature without labels, written with a capital L. It was the publishing house Alrevés that launched the novel that established him, The Sadness of the Samourai; its success was so big that by May 2012 it was reissued by DeBols!llo, an imprint of Penguin Random House. Next month, Breathing Through the Wound, his most recent novel, would be published there too; but it won't be the last book by Víctor. Also in May, Destino will release A Million Drops, his return to the market. Here in the agency we're looking forward to having it in our hands...

Tags: breathing by the wound - the sadness of the samourai - the weight of the dead - víctor del árbol - debols!llo - penguin random house - alrevés - novels - books - new editions

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