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Las perlas del loco ventura

Las perlas del loco ventura

Year: 2006
Editorial: Edaf
Language: Español, Catalán
Synopsis: A town, a world, a bar. Jesus Christ Telling fantastic parables in exchange for his dinner every Saturday. Some respectable citizens trying to put him in a psychiatric hospital, even though a straight jacket has no room for such an imagination.

Leaving aside details for institution´s sake, here we have in a sketch the story of mad Ventura, an exceptional story teller and a healer, and a psychologist, and a prophet, and a traveller, and a topsy-turvy and interesting story teller because of his knowledge and messianic delirium. Here we have, as in a puzzle, the biography and the message of this visionary. Everything is made out behind the stories that, similar to him who makes plans for the world, are told every Saturday night in the Bar Casa Lolio among the drunkers, the Pharisees, the prostitutes, the disciples, the forlorn and a journalist who, without him knowing, will become a gospel preacher.

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