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La mujer que buceó dentro del corazón del mundo

Berman, Sabina

La mujer que buceó dentro del corazón del mundo

Year: 2010
Editorial: Ediciones Destino / Editorial Alrevés (catalán)
Language: Español, Catalán
Published at: Fischer (Germany), Objetiva (Brazil), Bard (Bulgaria), Nakladatelstvi Jota (Czech Republic), Shanghai 99 (China), Otava (Finland), Seuil (France), Oceanida (Greece), Meulenhoff (The Netherlands), Európa (Hungary), Kinneret (Israel), Mondadori (Italy), Sigongsa (Korea), Aschehoug (Norway), Znak Spoleczny (Poland), Planeta (Portugal), Dereta (Serbia), Brombergs Bokförlag (Sweden), Locus (Taiwan), Pegasus (Turkey), Simon & Schuster (UK), Henry Holt (USA)
Synopsis: When Isabelle awoke in her hammock, on the shores of the Mazatlán Sea, a savage girl, with matted hair was looking at her. A girl who thanks to the affection and perseverance of Isabelle, will learn how to speak, read and write; will study zoology at the university, although she will fail most of her courses there, and will end up being the world’s greatest tuna entrepreneur, as well as one of the oddest creatures alive.

Useless in certain intellectual aspects, in other areas she is an authentic genius. Karen Nieto, is ready to preserve life in the oceans, swims amongst tuna in the sea and amongst humans on land, producing smiles and bewilderment. Perhaps this is her strangest virtue: she is incapable of using metaphors or euphemisms to hide reality. Authentic and amazing, Karen seems destined to remain amongst us for a long while.



“She has stolen my heart. Rebellious, misunderstood, brilliant; I can’t stop thinking of her. An unforgettable book on liberty and difference.” Ana María Matute

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