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La otra mano de Lepanto

La otra mano de Lepanto

Year: 2006
Editorial: Siruela
Language: Español, Catalán
Synopsis: Along with her Cervantine inspiration, “Lepanto’s other Hand” has it all: Maria de Dancer travels throughout Christian and Moorish Granada, is taken captive in Algiers, travels to Naples, falls in love with a Spanish captain, participates in the Holy League, strikes up a friendship with the author of “Don Quixote”, who sick witharia is delirious on the galley ‘The Marchioness ’. A restatement in a contemporary key of the “Little Gypsy Girl” of the “Exemplary Novels” by Cervantes and of the legendary warrior which, aboard the galley “Regal” fought in the Battle of Lepanto, Maria the Dancer is going to spend her century in a highly intense literary book whose pages chase after each other breathlessly. With this novel, ambitious and fortunate, Carmen Boullosa establishes herself as one of the central novelists of her generation.

Reyes Calderón is PhD in Economics and Philosophy, a professor and first vice-dean of the Faculty of Economics Sciences and Business of the University of Navarre. She is a visiting professor at the Sorbonne and at the University of Berkley, and centers her professional career on good governance and anti-corruption. Columnist and frequener, she combines her academic work with writing. “The Crimes of the Prime Numbers” is her fourth novel. She is the author of “Ego I Absolve you”, “Shouts of Independence” and “Hemmingway’s Tears”.

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