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El beso más largo del mundo

Chávez Castañeda, Ricardo

El beso más largo del mundo

Year: 2003
Editorial: Libresa
Language: Español, Catalán
Synopsis: According to the Jury, in “The World’s Longest Kiss (a book that grows with you) it’s originality is striking: it relates, in four versions—each aimed at girls and boys of different age groups—the story of the world’s longest kiss, with a marked sense of humor, a clear and enjoyable style, which keeps the reader permanently interested in the reading. The text is rich in assessment of affection, especially that of love, as an essential element of human coexistence.” In this book, the kiss’s implications become more complex as we move forward in age. If in the first story an accidental kiss produces in the protagonist a feeling never before felt, in the last, the kiss reflects an affective world in which we are involved sometimes—always. Enjoy, then, one of these four versions of the world’s longest kiss. You will undoubtedly experience for yourself one of them.

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