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Media docena de robos y un par de mentiras

Abad, Mercedes

Media docena de robos y un par de mentiras

Year: 2009
Editorial: Alfaguara
Language: Español, Catalán
Synopsis: Mercedes Abad is one of our most reputable story-tellers, who in 1986 won the Vertical Smile Award (Premio Sonrisa Vertical). Till now, we all thought that plagiarism was a ghoulish act of illegal seizure. Nothing farther from the truth. “Half a dozen thefts and a couple of lies” comes to show that it is a refined artistic expression, that plagiarism can be more creative than the art itself. This book is a collection of every day absurdities in which several characters are faced with improbable situations: Angelina receives the news that her groom has hung himself the day before their wedding is to take place, a woman´s Via Crucis begins when she is named the one million client of a large department store, Veronica looks around for someone to share her one million dollar lottery-prize… The grotesque and incredible become the everyday matters in these stories, an accumulation of situations and paradoxes in which life is a labyrinth and the characters seem to determined not to find the exit. Mercedes Abad shows her wit and humor in this divertimento, a game of cards between fortune and destiny.

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